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Sightseeing spot of Kamei 玆 quadrature, sanchushikakaien

The ruins of Kano-jo Castle

Kano Castle Site Park

 For the age of civil strife, a feature at the time remains to a stone of the top and the stone wall of an inner moat, the outer moat with a castle trace of Prince Kamei 玆 quadrature.
 About 500 Yoshino cherry trees are planted and are got close as a famous spot for its cherry blossoms. I am lighted up, and cherry blossoms reflected in cherry blossoms and the surface of the water of the both ends of the moat create fantastic scenery at night.

Shiroyama Shrine

 The foundation generation was unclear, but was done veneration for a long time originally in a middle shrine of kachiyashinsha.
 I enshrined susanoonomikoto and was worshiped as a guardian angel of Kano-jo Castle in the days of Kamei 玆 quadrature Zaicheng.
 As for the scale of the main shrine, the small thing structure and sculpture do not look at the example in the neighboring villages; is precise.

Prince Kamei 玆 quadrature cemetery

 There is the grave of Prince Kamei 玆 quadrature which was the Kano lord of a castle from the communities side of Ketakacho Tanaka (tachu) in the place that degree climbed for 5-10 minutes.
 The location where the gravepost expects far the Kano ruins of a castle and Kano castle town. It was evaluated as the material which symbolized the change of the times from the war-torn country to Edo in November, 2017, and it was appointed on the historic spot of the country.

Height of good luck temple (grave of sanchushikakai)

 It is the temple in the downtown area of the Kano castle town.
 I let the present location move because Kamei 玆 quadrature prayed for shikakai and assumed it a height of Kanouzan good luck temple.
 There is the fanwise-topknot hairstyle (34m in height) of 400 years years old in the precincts, and there is a grave of shikakai in the bottom.
 In addition, there is a five-ring tower of 250cm in height in front of the grave, but this is a grave of the older sister of the 玆 quadrature which died in 1614 (Keicho 19).
■sanchushikakai and height of good luck temple
 sanchushikakaikosei (a mountain lend that I am transparent and go and serve it) is a military commander of the San-in district from age of civil strife to the Azuchimomoyama era.
 A vassal of Amako. Height of good luck (I go and serve it), the childhood name were called jinjiro (jinjirou), and the real name took the nickname of "the prodigy of San-in" in owners of the superior bravery.

 I make the first on the list of the 10, Amago brave man, and the anecdote that prayed to the crescent moon, "preferably give me various defects agony" for Amago house revival is famous.

 Korenori Kamei who became the Kano lord of a castle dispatched a vassal corps in the Bicchu Takahashi River and let Kano take ashes of shikakai home with him/her and built a temple and a grave to cheer up the soul.
 The name of the temple was named "a height of good luck temple" (politics to ask for) by height of another name, good luck of shikakai (I go and serve it).

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