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Traffic access

Traffic access

[address] 〒 689-0405 1353, Shikano, Shikano-town, Tottori-city, Tottori Pref.

Traffic access to this facilities

When you come by car

●From Chugoku Expressway Yamazaki IC Route 29 [about 2 hours 30 minutes]
●From Chugoku Expressway Sayo IC Tottori Expressway [about 1 hour 30 minutes]
●From JR Tottori Station Route 9, prefectural road Route 21 [about from 30 minutes to 40 minutes]
●From JR Hamamura Station prefectural road Route 32 [about ten minutes]
●From Sanin Expressway Hamamura Shikano Onsen IC prefectural road Route 32 [about ten minutes]

When you come by JR, bus

●JR timetable
 ※The time, a fare search is possible from the link mentioned above.
 The nearest station: Hamamura Station
●Bus timetable
 System number 41
 Line white rabbit shoreline
       (Tottori Station - Kano Office)
 itoki bus stop Tachimachi stop
Furusato Shikano
 Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL 0857-38-0030
 FAX    0857-38-0031

Opening time 9:30-17:30
 ※For the maintenance in the hall, I may have a closed day in a hurry.

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