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Hot spring of the west inaba area

Shikano Onsen (Kanocho)

Effect of Shikano Onsen

Because quality, quantity of hot water is superior together in foot of the Mt. beautiful mountain, eagle peak of Inaba, Shikano Onsen of the quiet appearance, I am appointed in the nation health resort.
Being said to be popular name "woman water" is kind to skin and is popular with skin after the bathing when a feeling is provided glossily.
In addition, you can use footbathing free at the hot peer Kano front parking lot in the mountain aster second parking lot.
[senon] 62.0 degrees Celsius (the source)
[effect] See neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age, dermatopathia, exercise paralysis, us; is others for chronicity digestive organ disease, hemorrhoids disease, poor circulation, convalescence convalescence

Mt. communal lodge aster

You can enjoy hot water of the natural hot spring flowing constantly from the source in the mountain aster.
◇Garden outdoor bath "hot water of Oishi" "hot water of the moat"
◇A fine-view bathhouse ": Altair the Milky Way" men's bath "the Milky Way is a cage princess" ladies' bath
◇Family bath large communal bath
With garden outdoor bath "hot water of the moat of the mountain aster noted product," please enjoy the figure of the Japanese garden rising for steam by the beauty at night naturally of trees and the flower in the daytime.
From a fine-view bathhouse, I can hope for an exceedingly high mountain eagle peak heap of shikanocho as the extensive space outside the big window.
About one-day bathing
■Until bathing time ... from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
※December 31 ... January 3, the following day, from 3 to 5 on May, from 13 to 15 on August,
It becomes just for from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(I may be changed in the schedule mentioned above)
■Bathing rate ... 510 yen for adults 250 yen for children 
■A use of family bath charges ... one hour 1,080 yen taking a bath charges adult: The 510 yen X number of people
※I sell coupon 5,100 yen (11 pieces of spellings).
※The use of the family bath of the customer of the one-day bathing until 3:00 p.m.

Hot spring building hot peer Kano

Wind that light falls in a bathroom to insert heals fatigue in a comfortable outdoor bath and sauna, and both the heart and the body refresh it!
There is the footbathing, too and can enjoy it casually.
Thursday (Thursday second in the case of a holiday) every month first a closed day
Bathing charges adult, high school student 430 yen, primary schoolchild, junior high student 210 yen
Every Tuesday Ladies' Day
 I can take a bath for customer (adult woman) of the cash 220 yen.
Peer D hot every Thursday
 An adult and a primary schoolchild, a junior high student of the companion become free.
D men's every Friday
 I can take a bath for customer (man of adult) of the cash 220 yen.
26th is a day of the bath every month
 I present a wonderful premium by a lottery.

Hot spring vending machine for the bath

 You can use Shikano Onsen that can enjoy bathing, the footbathing in the bath of the home.
[place      The Mt. place] communal lodge aster front, the microbus garage immediate side
[the use time] It is available for 24 hours
[charge] 100 yen ... about two minutes (I can fill it up with about 100 L)
[refueling temperature] About 60 degrees Celsius
[others] Please bring plural polyethylene tanks before and after large polyethylene tank, mataha 20 liters entering 100 liters or more on the use.

Hamamura Onsen (Ketakacho)

Effect of Hamamura Onsen

I am proud of abundant quantity of water and the history of 500 years and there is the reason that was discovered because a beautiful white heron healed a wound and is called "hot water of the heron".
The Hamamura station square is three places of healthy hall figure or open space, yasahopaku in front leisurely and free can enjoy the footbath.
[senon] 55.0 degrees Celsius
[effect] Rheumatism, neuralgia, woman's illness, stomach and intestines disease

Hot spring vending machine

It is a vending machine of Hamamura Onsen.
[place] The depths of the yasaho-paku footbath
[rate] It is approximately 110L for 100 yen
[hot water supply temperature] Approximately 52 degrees Celsius

Treasure joy hot spring (Ketakacho)

Treasure joy hot spring building

The new hot spring which was dug in 1998.
It was named a treasure joy (broom) hot spring by the joy that dug up a treasure and the place name called local "Hogi".
You can take a bath with treasure joy hot spring building.
[senon] 47.0 degrees Celsius
[effect] Neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, woman's illness, stomach and intestines disease
Furusato Shikano
 Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL 0857-38-0030
 FAX    0857-38-0031

Opening time 9:30-17:30
 ※For the maintenance in the hall, I may have a closed day in a hurry.

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