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I am 〝 yuru ... of the interchange building staff and am the corner of "mutter

I take the thing left behind of the top-brand bag

I take a thing left behind
Thing left behind
I take a thing left behind
There was a thing left behind at this museum door on November 23.
Valuables seem to enter in by a top-brand bag.
As the person with the idea takes it in this museum, please contact me.
The brand name of the bag is like the brand called "Ziploc".

The colored leaves of the cloud dragon temple are in full bloom

Under a cloud dragon temple garden exhibition
Cloud dragon temple colored leaves
Cloud dragon temple colored leaves
A garden exhibition is done a cloud dragon temple of the shikanocho on November 23 and 24th. I visited you earlier on 22nd, and let me see it. I can see not only the garden but also the stores product such as valuable black-and-white drawings.
Please come.

State of colored leaves of Kano

The point a little more as for the colored leaves of the Kano Castle trace is ..., too
Colored leaves of Kano
State of colored leaves of Kano Castle Site Park
It became noticeably cold in the evening in the morning recently.
When autumn colors might considerably advance, I went to Kano Castle Site Park.
The colored leaves of Kano Castle Site Park are like the point a little more somehow or other.
Of the end of this week have "wait only on the weekend, and show it", and carry a foot to Kano Castle Site Park at the time of nigo visit by all means, and please confirm the state of colored leaves.

... which I show it and do until the end of this week of the town only for the weekend

"I show the shikanocho swelling in many people only on the weekend of the town"
Of the town only for the weekend show
Of the town only for the weekend show
In the shikanocho, "I show it to every 10/26-11/17 only on the weekend on the weekend of the town" and swell at an event.
Various shops open a store until a drink, miscellaneous goods and a drama for food and look forward to it.
On Saturday, November 16, Sunday, November 17 is the last day this weekend.
I look forward to the visit of many customers.
Come to the shikanocho by all means on the weekend.

Kano wattaina saikaisaichu!

Kano wattaina festival
Kano wattaina festival
"Kano wattaina festival" is holding it in shikanocho.
A period is until from October 25 to November 17.
The photograph is a state of the event performed with "Kano eemon City" and interchange building carried out in river Park.
The roast daring wild boar or sale of the lotus root Tips are varied.
"The Kano eemon city" performed in river Park is held on 27th tomorrow.
In addition, with this interchange building, "I show it only on the weekend of the town", and "look for a suspicious person" during no period and "I wait and show it and am selling udon" with an event.
How about going out, and Kano having me on the weekend, and taking a walk?
Furusato Shikano
Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

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