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Furusato Shikano
Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi, Tottori

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I am 〝 yuru ... of the interchange building staff and am the corner of "mutter

"Spring Kano eemon city" was held

Yes, it is thing City
Spring Kano eemon city
"Spring Kano eemon city" was held at Kano side dojo studio side parking lot on April 21, 2019.
Blessed with weather, it was full of many people.
I could overlook the Mt. eagle peak if I looked up, and a branch thing was eaten in the way that everybody was delicious.
"The fifth Kano wanko championship" was carried out, and the cheers of many visitors flew in a figure that speed eating pride competed for Kano side and ate.

I transplanted a lotus

Transplantation of the lotus
Transplantation of the lotus
I transplanted a lotus of the interchange building.
I had you instruct it toward the neighborhood, and, from the transplantation method of the lotus, the way of management told me in various ways.
Thank you very much.
The lotus is going to flower from the end of June through the beginning of July.
I will take care from now on so that a flower blooms well.
In the case of the calling, look at the state of the lotus.

Cherry tree communal lodge heap of Kano Castle trace parks aster offer

Kano Castle trace park cherry tree video
It is a "cherry tree of the Kano Castle trace park" of the communal lodge mountains of Ichikano-cho, Tottori Shion offer video.

I hang down, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, too♪

Of the Kano Castle trace park dyed one color of light pink
A King of Kano school building castle school building in the neighborhood.
On the embankment of the Mizutani River drifting to the back, it is somei
Of the pink that is dark for Yoshino hang down, and a cherry tree is piled up,
I bring on an elegant atmosphere.
When come to the Kano Castle trace park, around a foot
Please postpone itThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled

Cherry blossom viewing in Kano of the cherry tree from the surface of a lake

Cherry blossom viewing in Kano of the cherry tree from the surface of a lake
Cherry blossom viewing in Kano of the cherry tree from the surface of a lake
"I did it and prepared for the rubber boat before that heart" when I performed the situation of the cherry tree on a check.
The cherry blossoms of the Kano Castle trace park become more in full bloom, too, weather at last warm as for the weather.
Unlike usual cherry blossom viewing, how about that I see cherry blossoms by rubber boat from a surface of a lake this year?
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