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Furusato Shikano
Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL     0857-38-0030
FAX    0857-38-0031

A closed day: New Year holidays
 ※For the maintenance in the hall, I may have a closed day in a hurry.

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staff tweet

I am 〝 yuru ... of the interchange building staff and am the corner of "mutter

The Kano side enjoyment

"A Shikano ourai kouryukan restaurant" opened as 3 store eyes of "the Kano side dojo studio" today from (4/28) (with the crackle)
A large tasting party starts promptly, "after all the staff must eat"!
"Hmm, it is delicious ...! When is satisfied together with (^^); the T staff…... openmouthedness which does not take a photograph
One piece of "the Oroshi soba" which I had again again if there is no help for it as for the thing which I have eaten up is this!
Everybody is etsu shikudasainee, all the staff (^^)/ looking forward to by all means, too

Spring noeemon City

There was "spring Kano eemon city" today. I went before 11:00, but many people could come and did well. While hang around that place, and "Kano side competitive eating" begins when hang around this place, and the neckline is run over with acquaintance and "person rebayokattaa ..." which were near near; is (^^) at a loss again
There are many appetizing things such as pork fried on a skewer on a regional chicken barbecued chicken! Everybody seems to be very delicious ";"…Then there was not it and was "happy"

Scenery of Kano

Went to east side of Kano, of Mizutani today (`ω' *); three
The photograph Don which I took there! This one piece that I put the back Obata (obata) village of the Mizutani district and the rice field which spread out gently and a magnificent eagle peak mountain in together! Please allow for the top to have closed at ton! !
It was warm repeatedly and was comfortable (*^ v ^*)
I want everybody to feel this scenery, atmosphere by all means!

A leisurely healthy hall figure

I visited "a leisurely healthy hall figure" or today.
I am wide ... outside, and there is turf, and there is the footbath, too.
There were the lots such as a warm water pool or the meeting room which used Hamamura Onsen inside.
Shined in the aquabics classroom and have had a flyer.
A lot of happy classrooms included shape up yoga, too.
When I am absent, I want to go by all means!

Uomi stand

It was a warm day today.
Go to the Aoya area from the afternoon, from Uomi stand with a click.
The beautiful blue sea opened. I had a look like the tourist and took it with the crackle. (I wear a uniform)
A heart was an instant to feel relaxed. After all the sea is good.
The bypass may be early, too, but when I go along the Uomi stand by way of a drive, how about or is recommended
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