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I am 〝 yuru ... of the interchange building staff and am the corner of "mutter

I went for preliminary inspection of the cycling.

Enchoen Garden
Uomi stand
In the preliminary inspection of the "west inaba CYCLE DAY 2022" where it is scheduled to be held on Sunday, November 6 long (about 70km) course
I went!
At first, to Enchoen Garden of Yurihama-cho that goes over the Satani Pass toward Misasa-cho, and becomes the aid plan.
Only a big Shiisa of the front usually has good eyesight; is not precocious, but toward what side the stone statue of the panda!
It is named the paradise of the panda, and a tent is going to stand here here on that day.
I went around Lake Togo which shined of the surface of a lake around shiningly successively and ran in Route 9 while enjoying the Sea of Japan.
It was a course to be able to enjoy by car enough
Other than a long course, you can enjoy scenery at a pace of each person leisurely on that day
There is the pottering (about 20km) course, too.
I look forward to your participation

It is in season now! Lime ♬

I came out in the food court of the Roadside Station west inaba carefree village
I fully squeezed one, a lime of the taste in autumn
"Lime squash - non-alcohol Mojito -"

I fully squeeze the lime which grew up at the neighbor, a farm of Aoya-cho,
Of the mint of the millet sugar with full of minerals, carefree village own house cultivation
It was rich and tasty and, with handmade syrup, added natural sweetness
It is a super fresh drink.

How about to a body of the summer lethargy

I am selling it in Roadside Station west inaba carefree village food court 
It is one cup of 250 yen.

West inabakinoko Festa was held

Egg bamboo
Event "west inabakinoko Festa 2022" to enjoy an autumn taste mushroom
For two days of October 8 and 9, it was held at Roadside Station west inaba carefree village
As well as last year, a big panel was displayed!

It is "egg bamboo" of the photograph first piece attractiveness to totally remind of a forest of Totoro
This seems to be an edible delicious mushroom, but a characteristic of the appearance of the toadstool
Attention is necessary because I resemble "Fly Agaric" and "false egg bamboo"

The photograph second piece seems to be an extremely small toadstool growing from between "hinanohigasa" moss
The place where the moss grows, please be careful…

On the first day, "healthy walk" was held in Mt. Juubo, and the mushrooms which I harvested on the day were displayed.

Of "the town only of an on the weekend finished the "theatre festival of the bird" to show it"

Of "the town only for the 11th weekend the holding of the "theatre festival 15 of the bird" to show it" last week (Saturday, October 1, 2nd Sunday) was finished safely.
As for the last week, "show it only on the weekend of the town"; "many various places could come, and was full of the events of the theatre festival Times lip tour "award for perfect attendance of Shigeko" of the bird to do a drama while moving to the place where the Kano castle town was various other than no branch very much.

Will increase branches next year more than this year, and by all means of the past think that want "to wait, and to show it", and to regain no gaiety.

Theatre festival tour drama rehearsal of the bird

While the people of the theater of the bird go around the shikanocho, it is rehearsed the tour drama.
For a tour drama of the end of this week, heat begins a performance.
Furusato Shikano
 Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

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