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I am 〝 yuru ... of the interchange building staff and am the corner of "mutter

"kizusakumitoko ate a lunch of soon"♪

The volume this for 400 yen!
A very nutritious lunch was begun to help with the meal of children closed for prevention of infection spread of the coronavirus temporarily; is a 400 yen lunch of "soon kizusakumitoko".
I sell it toward the public! In a thing called this, I get promptlyThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
At first I can eat the kind that is contents variousRed exclamation mark color colors if there is the meat which there are vegetables in The face which I was surprised attoday surprised at the much number of articles and am happy at allTwo heart
The sale of today's lunch of 400 yen until Friday, April 10. A reservation until the morning of the day is necessary. The contact information is (0857) 84-2522The face which enlarged the entrance, and smiledThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled

When there is not a student, is the cherry tree lacking, too?

A cherry tree of The Ruins of Castle Park is a bud
The cherry tree flowering situation
The cherry tree flowering situation
It is Kano Castle Site Park who is famous for a cherry tree, but is still the situation of the bud now.
There is not the student, and, under the influence of new coronavirus, the King of adjacent Kano school building castle school building is quiet.
The cherry tree seemed to be somewhat lacking, too.
Gorgeous cherry blossoms and the voice of lively children are long in coming; nowadays.

2020 first snow

Kano is piled up
2020 first snow
2020 first snow
There was not the snow on the plains of Kano in a mild winter in this winter either, but was piled up at last.
Snow is not piled up at all, and it was somewhat an unsatisfactory feeling, but after all "haaaaaa ..." (*'Д `) feels this year when iza is piled up.
As the interchange building cleared it of snow neatly, you can drop in casually. As you turn on heating and warm the hall, you can relax relaxedly in this museum.
The cold wave seems to relax immediately, but please be careful about the driving of the car enough.

The world event that there is no

The puppet play that both a child and adult can enjoy
The world where there is no
The world where there is no
1st to enjoy together!
"The world where there was no that both a child and adult could enjoy" was held.
Until a story to hear from the story to know well of all including the "story of the hole" "three little pigs" "Hanasaki mountain" for the first time. The venue swelled in a pleasant story

Board game meeting

The victory in a hand of anyone?
Board game meeting
Board game meeting
February 1, 2020
After the bean-scattering ceremony of the Setsubun, a board game meeting was held with interchange building.
In traditional board game as for adult and the child "concentration! & eagerness!"
Well, whom would one victory fall into the hands of?
And the event of children still continued.
Furusato Shikano
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