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Mutter of the staff

〝 of the interchange building staff is the section of loose "mutter

The cold wave arrival

A flock of wild birds swimming in intense cooling and flickering snow elegantly.
I am about to be similar tomorrow and the best strong chill flows this winter and is with the possibility that it is a strong wintry pressure pattern.
As the snow seems to be expected on the level ground, please acquire everybody mind.

It is held from "Doll's Festival stamp rally of the third mawashi" today.

"The Doll's Festival stamp rally of the third mawashi" began on Saturday, January 21 today

It is "a shikanocho special product set" and a participation cooperation shop when I have you collect the stamps for 2 stores from a participation 9 store
You can participate in the available lot that "the use ticket" is. (no blank!) 

I look forward to participation of many of you

■The details from this

It was cold

It was cold this morning.
It is past 10:00, but frost is left clearly along the shade.

The "trace of the dream of samurais coloring history of war-torn country of Tottori" introduction (the castle engraving block original picture)

I display the design original picture by Junichi Matsushita of the painter whom an illustration of the castle engraving block around Tottori, Shimane is described in with it is "the trace of the dream of samurais coloring history of war-torn country of Tottori" held in this museum.

Is designed by the illustration which captured each castle and neighboring characteristics, and there is the thing which the pencil lines of the draft remain, and a process of the production is had a glimpse of by the line drawing that describe it finely and was crowded; become valuable.

As it becomes the display until Sunday, January 29, everybody come by all means.

I held the "enokokabanenajo diorama workshop" second.

On Saturday, December 24, I held the second of "the enokokabanenajo diorama making workshop" today.
Thank you, participants who came in bad weather.
In addition, I can actually have diorama making at any time until the stock of the diorama kit is finished in the Shikano ourai kouryukan.
Please participate in Shikano ourai kouryukan on a calling.
Furusato Shikano
 Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL 0857-38-0030
 FAX    0857-38-0031

Opening time 9:30-17:30
 ※For the maintenance in the hall, I may have a closed day in a hurry.

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