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Furusato Shikano Co.
Tottori city Shikano socializing and excange hall 'dream'
1353, Shikano, Shikano-town, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL. 0857-38-0030
FAX. 0857-38-0031

Closed day
 open all year around
 ※The center may be closed due to emergency maintainance.

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staff tweet

I am 〝 yuru ... of the interchange building staff and am the corner of "mutter

How about the restaurant summer-limited menu?

Chilled katsudon
On a hot The face which I was embarrassed bysuch day, how about the summer-limited menu "colander udon" of the interchange building restaurant and "the chilled katsudon" every day?
"Colander udon" going along the throat slipperily which I attached a grated radish and grated ginger to,
To the body which is slightly suffering from the summer heat stamina! Chilled rice and a cutlet freshly-fried in cold soup stock
"Chilled katsudon" with full of ume flesh and the green shiso which I put together. Well, which are you? Please appreciate it♪

Sunflowers are in full bloom this year

In front of Hashimoto ranch Italian gelato ice studio
A sunflower blooms well this yearSunflower
The flower language seems to change a meaning with the number of bouquets to send as well as a roseThe face which I was surprised at
Anyway, I feel uplifted when I see itIt is good (the finger front of the hand)

A flower before the interchange building ... (^o^)

How! ... which revivedTwo heart
It wasDrop of water a lie and transplanted it.
I try so hard that I do not kill it next timeThe right arrow (red) which turns to the top

A flower before the interchange building ... (> <)

Planter before the interchange building
I can't believe this a flower before the interchange building that bloomed neatly until The face which I was surprised atyesterday is ... in such a thingSweat
Though the planter of the neighbor blooms neatly without incident, is why, only as for the flower of the interchange buildingThe mark that is a red end
Understand it; if is there, one is kyo etekudasa ... (acute)
Planter of the neighbor who photographed it at the same time

I followed it "kizusakumitoko soon"

Plum udon set
Pre-7/1 in Kano castle town; opened; "kizusakumitoko, soon."
As it was rather late lunch, I had "plum udon" plainly.
I can eat calmly in the shop with the atmosphere.
I look forward to special product "oil wheat gluten" of Miyagi and a handmade small dish, grand opening of The face which enlarged the entrance, and smiledSeptember 1 when I had deliciously.
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