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Mutter of the staff

〝 of the interchange building staff is the section of loose "mutter

Do you drink "soba-yu?"

It was a warm day today.
That is warm; it should have been said that was hotter.
While, on such a hot day, saying that after all is "Zaru soba"; I always "Oroshi soba" (cold)
Speaking of "a side," is "soba-yu" everybody swallowed up?

"Rutin" included in the side cleans blood, and, other than work to lower blood pressure, it is said that I am effective in interfering with suffering from diabetes, and preventing the prevention and senility of heart disease. However, when I boil a thing, what and soba named this "rutin", I boil it and appear in the bath. Therefore as "the soba-yu" is good for health, "there is in mubeshi soba-yu kudasa ...!", and please hang to voice. "Yes, Hi" you can provide it (^^)

Unfortunately m(__)m where I do not want it with "the flower of the side" as there is not the photograph of "the soba-yu"


Water kiree

(^^) where the preliminary inspection of the foot pass has a series of it today
Does "Ranunculus aquatilis" know, everybody? It is "a waterweed" growing only in the beautiful place of the water,
It is this (the photograph left). I actually saw what it grew for the first time. It seems to be delicious if I will have "boiled greens with dressing"
"The spring water of the cloth group" is 100 selections of famous clear water of the Heisei, but is really pure water.
Besides, is very cold; when Prince Kano lord of a castle Korenori Kamei took "the cool air" once, is said to be it.
I enjoy the cool air here, and I eat "Kano soba" with interchange building, and how about the enjoyment in Kano in the summer?

A flower, revival!

It is the quiet shikanocho of the all clear blue sky today.
"There is not the pedestrian traffic, too…It is right the world of Ryotaro Shiba "(to the shikanocho next tekudasa ..., everybody)
By the way, it is the story of the flower totally irrelevant to the blue sky….
On about last month 10, I had a flower called "saimeria". But if as after all is a flower, die, and put away, and put it toward the back, but cut it when what a small leaf appears when well see it, and die from astonishment it, and give water hard, what! A day to be able to bring it out soon to come out (^^) when the leaf that revival shimashitaadondon is new comes out comes. Please come to everybody in saimeria which became fine

Lion dance pi - hyarara

I hear it from somewhere today with "pihyarara" when I think that fine! What's going on, when go out; the various places of "the lion dance." I call out for the time being "is a photograph good?" and photograph it with kasha. The people going to the town stop and are correct in castle town well. Oh, I am hyper when I looked at the thing which it is ~, or is good   …You should have had you chew a head.

9km finishing walking!

It was shitoshito rain in the morning, but is shikanocho of the slightly cloudy weather now today.
Yesterday, while holding uneasiness whether can finish walking shikanocho approximately 9km ho kimashitayoo ... by course preliminary inspection of "the national foot pass walk" held on Sunday, October 25 in H27 year as expected; is a start to one hand on water and a map! Which everybody takes the memo for the explanation like "a knowledgeable person" of H seriously, and walk while admiring saying is saying "is studied", but we that is told of the food "are always delicious for some reason if boil that" which "boiled greens with dressing are the first as for it" 
Walk a way and the alley which usually carry only by car; "the foot pass" was fresh at all, and was right fun. Is everybody not added on October 3, too? As there are 3 courses, please participate! It is sure that there is a lot of new discovery, thing
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