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Mutter of the staff

〝 of the interchange building staff is the section of loose "mutter

tondo firing

I participated in shikanocho downtown area notondo firing.
I pray for a perfect state of health, and it be good one year for all of you.

Shikanocho here masking tape ❢

It is local masking tape of the holding "Kano Festival" once in two years.
Masking tape fan 
That you who love a local thing

Of the shikanocho limitation that I was worried about
Only the person who was able to come for shikanocho can purchase it

The name "shikanocho masking tape" 

The town of eight town of shikanocho castle town crest enters
One one of the crests seems to include the name, too
Please check a town crest enthusiast 

I always enter the basket cutely and look forward to your coming on the cash register side

I went for a retro exhibition of Wakasa-cho of the Showa era

"The third Showa retro exhibition" now held
I went to the Wakasa-cho venue.

A venue is "citizen of Wakasa crafts building" in the Wakasa accommodation of Wakasa-cho.

The Wakasa accommodation with the citizen of Wakasa crafts building is maintained as castle town of "the Wakasa ogre ka castle" of three Inaba Castle and is the cityscape with the atmosphere to know with the castle town of Kano-jo Castle who is one of three Inaba-jo Castle in the same way.

Peculiar articles are displayed with the Kano venue in the Wakasa venue, and a movie poster of the Showa is put all over the wall, and it is the best part in a booth using the storehouse above all.

In addition, an earthenware bell (slave) of the Inaba Wakasa firing that is a traditional people craft is displayed here to fill the wall surface (about 2,000 points of numbers!) and I can appreciate the work of, various form and hues.

The retro exhibition in the Wakasa-cho venue (citizen of Wakasa crafts building) where is full of the highlight of the Showa era until Sunday, September 10, 2023 become held. How about going on this weekend?

■Citizen of Wakasa crafts building (map link)
 An address: 268, Wakasa, Wakasa-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori
 A telephone: 0858-82-1289
 Time: 10:00-17:00
 Parking: Wakasa Station side parking lot, Wakasa-cho public hall parking lot

I was interviewed for the third Showa retro exhibition!

I was interviewed for the third Showa retro exhibition which began from the other day. Fortunately
I receive a request from Sea of Japan cable network, Sea of Japan TV state, NHK state and three companies,
While the staff was tense, I coped (*' * `)
Thank you for your coming while you're busy!

"Sell #, and do it; for the shooting of that" "shikanocho charm dispatch campaign"

Have attach a message at a place and shooting time, and post favorite one piece of you who photographed it in shikanocho in Instagram; "sell #, and do it; that" "shikanocho charm dispatch campaign"

It is the campaign that a product of the shikanocho special product 3,000 yen equivalency hits toward ten people in total from a contributor by lot.

You come to "the retro exhibition held of the Showa era" now in this museum, and, in the case of the visit, please post a photograph on shikanocho.

■"Sell #, and do it; that" is campaigned shikanocho charm dispatch 
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Opening time 9:30-17:30
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