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Guidance of the "enokokabanena (a comb) castle" for general one field briefing session
 enokokabanenajo where origin was mysterious while being the castle which you should focus on from a location, structure. As a result of excavation,
 The large-scale cornerstone remains of an ancient structure (the building of the palace) were discovered in the mountaintop part.
 In the Tottori reserve cultural assets center, I perform "enokokabanenajo" field briefing session.
[the date and time] Saturday, July 18, 2020 (I postpone it on 19th, the following day rainy weather)
 The first
   From 9:00 to 11:00
 The second
 From 10:30 to 12:30
 The third
 From 12:00 to 14:00
 The fourth
 From 13:30 to 15:30
 The fifth
 From 15:00 to 17:00
                  (each time capacity: almost 20)
[meeting place] Small eagle river district public hall parking lot (Shikanochokobetsushiyo, Tottori-shi)
        ※I would like to speak to a meeting, a receptionist by 15 minutes.
[offer capacity] It is almost 100 people
        ※I propose the assignment of each time and contact you on adjustment sequentially.
[deadline for application, application]
       Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan "child village dream" (1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi) ☎0857-38-0030
  [application method] of the name, the age of all the participants, an address (to the municipalities name of a village), the day communication get
       Apply for a phone number by an email or FAX after a mention.
       (there is application foam on the back side)
    An email: FAX: 0857-38-0031
  [deadline for application] Wednesday, July 15
  ・I go to the local neighborhood by a microbus and I walk a forest road and the thin ridge to the inside of a castle from there and am around 15 minutes.
  ・As there is Yamashiro in the dangerous point, set a route safe as possible, appropriately of temporary footing, the rope
   Do setting, the placement of the batsman, and try to be able to observe it safely, but originally
    As it is military installation that Yamashiro is hard to attack it and has, the judgment of the participation would like the self-responsibility.
                               (it covers the accident insurance)
  ・As it is Yamashiro, in the clothes which can tramp over hills, please carry water bottles again as it is hot time.
  ・As parking number is limited, you ride on it if possible, and come.
  ・About the postponement in case of rain till the first fine day, it is home pe the face of the Tottori reserve cultural assets center at around 7:00 on that day
   I will tell you by a book.
   In the Shikano ourai kouryukan, I do not accept the inquiry about the postponement in case of rain till the first fine day.
 A reference: Tottori reserve cultural assets center
      TEL: 0857-27-6711 FAX: 0857-27-6712
 ※For more details, please see a flyer installed in a museum, the Roadside Station.
 The receptionist of the application becomes the start from July 3.
Furusato Shikano
 Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL 0857-38-0030
 FAX    0857-38-0031

Opening time 9:30-17:30
 ※For the maintenance in the hall, I may have a closed day in a hurry.

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