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I eat in west inaba area

Restaurant of the shikanocho

Dream komichi

The popular "sedge hat magistrate in charge of managing the shogunate's private property" chooses a sedge hat made specially in Kano in the Bon Festival, and a small container can taste a quality of Kano every season when I served it with 12-13 kinds of dishes mainly on local seasonal vegetables and edible wild plant. You can spend slow time in the shop where you redecorated the old folk house which was an empty house into.


I recommend making a prior reservation

1242, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi

Telephone 0857-38-0001

Lunch is 00 30~14 11 for business hours

     The cafe is 30 00~15 10

Business day every Friday, Saturday

Kano side dojo studio

Including a set meal of the noon, I have an abundant menu.
nodo etsu is good, and please enjoy the good full-scale side of the fragrance.
※The making soba experience is possible, too.
2448-9, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-84-3888
Fax 0857-84-3889
It is 00 30~14 11 on weekdays for business hours
     It is 00 30~15 11 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Thursday every month second on a regular holiday
An inquiry, the reservation to 0120-135-228

Kano soba restaurant

In "Kano soba restaurant" adjacent to the market where Kano is interesting, I establish it and prepare for the Juwari soba using the side of the fresh local shikanocho product.
I prepare for "the soba restaurant original menu" which is different from the Kano side dojo studio including "the Kano regional chicken side" that let you make Tottori regional chicken piyo and seasonal jisaiyasai and collaboration in the Kano soba restaurant and "the side where fatty tuna does not come" to.
[as for menu example (heap of for each 240 yen increase)]
■Kake soba ... 700 yen
■Zaru soba ... 700 yen
■Oroshi soba ... 700 yen
■Regional chicken soba ... 960 yen
■Eagle peak Oroshi soba ... 870 yen
※I will prepare "the soba-yu" for a wanting customer. Please call casually.
428-2, Shikanochoimaichi, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-84-3456
Business hours weekdays 11:30-18:00
     Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:30-19:30
Thursday every month first a regular holiday
     (Thursday second in the case of a holiday)

Mt. communal lodge aster

Many dishes of the mountain aster pride that used seasonal foods from a hometown abundantly.
Other than today's basic sum set meal, you can choose favorite dishes from the "seasonal simple meal served for a drinking party" "food served in a pot of the season" "mountain aster recommended single dish". 
Please fully thoroughly enjoy many dishes which you made use of the characteristic of seasonal foods in to the maximum.
972-1, Shikanochoimaichi, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-84-2211

The cafe Eiger

In a light meal cafe, the snack "Eiger", as for the noon, the menu of the volume perfect score is plentiful. "Curry 玆 quadrature" (this paste) (650 yen) is exquisite with Curry soba of gen soba and the Eiger specially made curry of the shikanocho product.
I offer the alcohol at night. 
407-4, Shikanochoimaichi, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-84-3290
It is 30 00~20 9 for business hours
Regular holiday every Tuesday

Do; that mind

"That I play cafe & gallery mind" near the Kano Castle Site Park moat
I provide a light meal using the miso of a delicious water from the Mt. eagle peak and coffee using beans of "circle standing coffee" and hometown miso shop while watching scenery of Shiroyama changing every four seasons.
1809-1, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-84-3801
Business hours from 11:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday every Monday
     (in the case of a holiday, I do business)
HP     → Do; that mind

Firefly number and others

It is an old folk house cafe, the restaurant that is open only on every Friday, Saturday.
The one coin lunch using local ingredients is popular.
That it is in the quiet place is the shop of the hideaway impression.
When you do not know the place, please ask the interchange building staff.
1287, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-84-1061
Business hours 11:30-14:00
Regular holiday     From Sunday to Thursday

Bar cherry tree (there is lunch business)

There is it with a bar, but lunch is in the lunch sales and can eat a delicious set meal. It is the shop boasting fish dishes and the pan.
1186-1, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi
Telephone    0857-84-1070
Business hours 11:30-14:30 (lunch)
      18:00-22:30 (bar)
Regular holiday every Wednesday

Bread one heart hermitage

 The baker of shikanocho feelings using an old folk house.

The new work is given every month, and the bread which was particular about the subject matter is a recommended baker.

As the eat-in is made, you can spend slow time.


963, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi
Telephone 070-4150-0149
Business hours 8:00-19:00

    (finished as soon as it is sold out)
Regular holiday every Tuesday

Hashimoto ranch Italian gelato ice studio

I use ranch fresh milk and local farm products. I offer egg nonuse, gelato ice only using natural material. In a quiet rural scenery, how about coming for a break?


1520, Shikanochoimaichi, Tottori-shi

Telephone 0857-84-1555

Business hours 10:00-17:00 

Regular holiday every Wednesday

Shikano ourai kouryukan "child village dream" cafe corner

It is a cafe corner added to this hotel.
There are coffee or an ice-cream cone.
Please use it for the break of the castle town walk.
For more details, please see our homepage.

[business hours]
Cafe 9:30-17:00

Restaurant of Ketakacho

sunaba coffee Ketaka store

Though "there is not it, Starbucks has sunaba!" (in Tottori Sand Dunes)
"sunaba coffee" of the Tottori Niina thing who was really born by the wise remark of the governor called this. A store is in here Ketakacho with popularity in the present when Starbucks was established. The outstanding location that overlooks the Sea of Japan called the ship beach fishing port. Other than the satisfying curry menu with full of vegetables, there is the specialty nosunaba pancake, too.
2706-147, Ketakachoyatsukami, Tottori-shi
Ketaka Hamamura play fishing center 1F
Telephone 0857-82-0111
Business hours 9:00-17:00 (weekdays)
     8:00-17:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Regular holiday every Wednesday

Oars (filter)

The restaurant in the neighbor of sunaba coffee Ketaka store.
I can eat regional cuisine of Tottori, a hard-shelled mussel (i shellfish) meal.
The hard-shelled mussel is a family same as mussels, the ingredients of the simplicity only as for the hard-shelled mussel cook it; popular rice. There are other a lot of dishes using sea foods.
2706-147, Ketakachoyatsukami, Tottori-shi
Ketakacho play fishing center
Telephone 0857-82-0111
Business hours 11:00-14:30
     (last order 20:00)
Regular holiday every Wednesday


A certain lunch is a snack, cooking and the shop where it is in Hamamura hot-spring resort at a restaurant, night.
Other than today's lunch of the daytime one coin, there are many fishery products system menus such as seafood bowls, too.
695-21, Ketakachokachimi, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-0002
Business hours 11:30-13:30 (lunch)
     18:00-24:00 (snack)
Regular holiday every Wednesday

Quit it, and cook it; welcome is a bower

The Sea of Japan is near and I enter prefectural road Route 32 at Route 9 and am at the immediate position.
Let alone the fresh fish of the Tottori fishing port, the tuna provides well-established taste not to still change since its formation including an order seafood bowl and sushi in a fresh state from Sakaiminato. As I enjoy a high-quality fish at a reasonable price, and there is the kids' lunch, it is a shop to be able to enjoy in parent and child three generations.
1-85-1, Ketakachokitahama, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-4649
Business hours 11:00-14:00
    (last order 21:00)
Regular holiday every Wednesday

Side good luck (a side is good)

I leave Hamamura Station and advance straight and am in the place where it went up the slope to the right on a way. It is a cafeteria format that the substitute chooses the displayed side dish on a day and takes. Of course I can order noodles and other set meals, too.
843-150, Ketakachokachimi, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-0908
Business hours 11:30-13:30
    (last order 20:00)
Regular holiday every Thursday

Veneer coffee

The cafe where I go down Hamamura Station, and the Showa in the immediate street is retro.
Other than delicious coffee and sandwich, there are the light meals such as the curry, too. It is a surprising shop to open at 5:30 a.m. for regular customers.
681-4, Ketakachokachimi, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-0313
Business hours 5:30-20:00


The restaurant cafe of the store's name with the impact that Route 9 is along.
A Western food menu is the center, and there are a hamburger steak and a steak, spaghetti, and there is the set menu which miso soup and rice are included in.
The cafe menus such as a sandwich or the drink are abundant, too.
265-2, Ketakachohogi, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-0732
Business hours 9:00-20:00
Regular holiday every Thursday


Route 9 is along it and is in the just beside of the observation deck "dragon reading-desk" which a superb view of the Sea of Japan can overlook and can look around the Sea of Japan from the shop. I can enjoy a meal, a cafe in a calm atmosphere in an extensive shop. Please use it for the break of the drive.
991, Ketakachonikkou, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-3322
Business hours 9:00-19:30
Regular holiday every Tuesday
     (in the case of a holiday the next day)

Walker leech

Route 9 is along it, and the authentic Korean home-cooked meal in the neighbor of the convenience store Lawson poplar is a shop to be able to enjoy. I can taste ramen or other single dishes which soup "sorurontan" which stewed beef and a bone for a long time arranged that into.
2708-57, Ketakachoyatsukami, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-1033
Business hours 10:00-21:00
Regular holiday every Sunday

Cafe miracle

It is the cafe which remodeling & renovation does the part which was a barber shop originally and made. The plan of the different storekeeper is held by limitation every time during a period and carries out a morning market, and it is in a place of exchange where area inside and outside various people gather.
The trend of the cafe miracle is a check required from the following Facebook page!
55-3, Ketakachohamamura, Tottori-shi
Facebook page → Cafe miracle

Hot air

The unique ramen restaurant which the used car dealership performs. It is completely Kurumaya visually, but the ramen to make with the nothing-like soup of storekeeper feelings is the gem which a fan is in outside the prefecture.
6-1, Ketakachohamamura, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-6181
Business hours 11:00-15:00
     (finished as soon as soup disappears)

Restaurant of Aoya-cho

Coffee & curry Goto (father)

The shop which there is just before Katsube riverside, a railroad crossing of Aoya-cho.
The curry which fully use the vegetables from a hometown, and simmer it slowly and carefully, and was crowded is spicy; addicting taste. It is popularity as there is a person coming for the taste from outside the prefecture.
4298-1, Aoyachoaoya, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-85-0908
Business hours 8:10-17:00 (weekdays, Saturday)
     8:10-16:30 (day celebration)
It is open throughout the year


Route 9 is along it and is cafe & pension where Ide is located in front of the beach beach. I can spend slow time by the best view in front in the sea. A surfing school and a rental board needing reservations, the set-limited pension a day are open.
271-1, Aoyachoide, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-85-1102
Business hours 8:50-20:00
     (on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 19:00)
Regular holiday every Monday
HP →   kafederuma

Dragon garden

Aoyachoide is the Chinese restaurant in front of the beach.
When want to eat it a whole bunch; here! The feature is considerably that it is boryumi so as to be able to say this. Even a family can just eat in peace as there is the half setting.
341, Aoyachoide, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-85-1717
Business hours 11:00-15:00
     (last order 21:00)
Regular holiday every Tuesday

Plover restaurant

The well-established grilled Aoya restaurant who turns at Route 9, the "Aoya" intersection, and has many local regular customers in the immediate place. Including Class B gourmet "horusoba" of Tottori, I can taste the menu which rice using appetizing "sauce" and liquor advance to.
3671-1, Aoyachoaoya, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-85-0419
Business hours around 11:00 - around 19:00
Regular holiday no fixed holiday

Matsubara restaurant

From a plover restaurant as a 10-second walk. Indeed, the atmosphere that is Showa is a restaurant to drift and can taste a set meal and fried rice, ramen.
3687, Aoyachoaoya, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-85-0565
Business hours around 11:00-21:00
Regular holiday no fixed holiday
Furusato Shikano
 Tottori-shi Shikano ourai kouryukan child village dream

1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL 0857-38-0030
 FAX    0857-38-0031

Opening time 9:30-17:30
 ※For the maintenance in the hall, I may have a closed day in a hurry.

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