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The place that the four seasons color
West inaba
Furusato Shikano Co.
Tottori city Shikano socializing and excange hall 'dream'
1353, Shikano, Shikano-town, Tottori-shi, Tottori
TEL. 0857-38-0030
FAX. 0857-38-0031

Closed day
 open all year around
 ※The center may be closed due to emergency maintainance.

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It is news from Shikano ourai kouryukan

The lotus is in full bloom
Lotus field of the shikanocho
Lotus field of the shikanocho
A lotus of the shikanocho reaches in full bloom.
I can look at many flowers this year more than an average year.
The place is very close to the shikanocho synthesis branch. I can look at the lotus near another one place, the theater of the bird.
In addition, a hometown can look at the cultivated lotus when I walk the cityscape.
A lotus matches old cityscape wonderfully.
Please look at the lotus which comes, and blooms neatly to shikanocho.
Please call to interchange building casually if you may not know it.
Place of the lotus field
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