Oldness and Shikano
Tottori-shi Shikano traffic interchange hall child village dream

1353, Shikanochoshikano, Tottori-shi, Tottori
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I watch west inaba area

Kano castle town

Place for hitching horses stone, cow filler stone

Kano traffic goes along the center of the castle town. A cow filler stone and a place for hitching horses stone still remain on the main street which a stand of the Kano festival goes along. There are seven things said to that it was installed for the affairs of a feudal clan era, and it is indicated in those days now to have been the ground of the strategic point of traffic, the commerce in a center of Inaba, Hoki.

Step oriental lamp (step oriental lamp)

There is a step oriental lamp made with a stone at the important points of the castle town, and a town crest of each castle town installed each is ticked away.
When it is night, the light of the oriental lamp named the ream lights up the step, and a street can see taste of the castle town which is different from the noon. 


I color it, and, as for "the pinwheel," Kano castle town is handcrafted one carefully each. A pastime that gives poetic charm to Kano healing a heart of the which displays a lattice door, and waits for "the pinwheel", and is performed a walk of. In addition, I read and wait happily and walk and am done as each has senryu and?


The tile which "a name" was written under the eaves of houses of the shikanocho is put. The names of approximately 160 include things expressing an occupation and hometown and can learn the history of the shikanocho.

Waterway of Konnyacho

A district called Konnyacho was in the castle town of Kano and came to be called Konnyacho because there were many dye houses, and around the Konnyacho lined up once.
In addition, a water hole having low one step remains to houses of Konnyacho because I washed dyed goods by water.

Sumo wrestler mound

There was a custom to build such a mound at the entrance of the village so that the native place village of the sumo wrestler who gained fame by sumo had you protect a village from evils after the power of the sumo wrestler in old days.
In the sumo wrestler mound, it is built several places in the village in the shikanocho.

190 kinds of lotuses of the shikanocho 

In the shikanocho, you can see the lotus in the place where "an edge of the eaves of houses" or "the pool of the lotus" vary.
I am brought up in shikanocho carefully at 2008, Professor Tanabe acceptance, the present of the Tottori University department of agriculture. (in full bloom: for the late June and mid-August in)

Kano Castle trace park

For the age of civil strife, a feature at the time remains to a stone of the top and the stone wall of an inner moat, the outer moat with a castle trace of Prince Kamei 玆 quadrature.
Approximately 500 Yoshino cherry trees are planted and are got close as a famous spot of cherry tree. I am lighted up, and a cherry tree reflected in a cherry tree and the surface of the water of the both ends of the moat creates fantastic scenery at night.

Shikanocho (other than castle town)

Shikano dislocation

It is Shikano dislocation that a gap of the ground appeared on the surface of the earth in the case of Tottori Univ. earthquake disaster in 1943 (Showa 18). This waterway is appointed to a natural monument of Tottori as the prefecture only place that can confirm a gap of the Shikano dislocation definitely.

Senryu highway

Because shikanocho became the meeting place of the senryu in nation school festival Tottori meeting of 2002 in the senryu highway, it was grown. Dozens of phrase trees are put up from the site of castle to Shikano Elementary School, and it is number one in Japan, and, as for the senryu which shined, the thing chosen as an excellence phrase in a meeting in the town block to a phrase stone is written to the phrase tree.


Uomi stand

When a large school of sardines flocked in old days, on the hill where Route 9 of Ketakacho was along, it was named "an Uomi stand" (uomidai) because an old fisherman ordered it aloud.
The monument inscribed with a tanka poem of the labor song "shellfish pattern clause" of the fishing carried out in Hamamura Coast to be able to overlook from Uomi stand is built.
Parking lot existence

Dragon reading-desk

As was able to see several firewood which stood from this dragon reading-desk in old days off the Sea of Japan; with this name is so. A view is good, and this observation deck can see the panorama of the Sea of Japan. In addition, the setting sun is beautiful and is a superb view point.
Parking lot existence

Prince Kamei cemetery

There is the grave of Prince Kamei 玆 quadrature which was the Kano lord of a castle in the place that degree climbed from the village side of Ketakacho Tanaka (tachu) for 5-10 minutes. The location where the gravepost expects far the Kano ruins of a castle and Kano castle town. It was evaluated as the document which symbolized the change of the times from the war-torn country to Edo in November, 2017 and was appointed on the historic spot of the country.

Mizushiri Pond

It is a lagoon opening to north and south approximately 700m that the Mizushiri shore which became the small gulf is blocked up with the development of the dune, and there was, east and west approximately 500m. I pull water in summer and performed rice growing once, but it is throughout the year now in the pond. In addition, the Mizushiri Pond is known as the coming flying place of the wild bird, a wintering place of the waterfowl and does it including the mallard that there is the most it, and it is about time when it, and many photographers visit the whistling swan as a pond coming flying for from November to December. There is the road which can make an excursion around a pond, and the walk is possible, too. Not only I look from a bypass of Route 9, but also how about sometimes looking near?

Shimizu of the cloth group

Of course, with spring water springing out from under the huge rock of the cloth group flat Shinto shrine precincts of Ketakachotono chosen by "100 selections of famous clear water of the Heisei", I am used for local brew for the life water of local various places.
I am told that Prince Kano lord of a castle Kamei 玆 quadrature praised it with "time of the seirei sa ice" in the old days.
I grow wild, and I hang it in early fall from early summer, and waterweed Ranunculus aquatilis to grow in the clear stream in the spring place is underwater, and it can see a white small flower.
Regular water goes out of three places of channels in the prefectural road of the village side, and anyone comes to be able to draw it.
(when you drink it, please use it after boiling it once)
It is around two on the parking lot cloth group flat Shinto shrine side

Grave of Kajinosuke Ryougoku

Kajinosuke Ryougoku is the sumo wrestler who played an active part in the Ketakachohogi birth for the Genroku era period in 1664. There was not a thing to have anything to do with in the two countries of Inaba, Hoki, and the name of "the two countries" was permitted than Prince Tottori feudal lord Ikeda that 1, Ryogoku was strong. The name is written down in the ranking of the oldest admission charged sumo show to exist as an ozeki (top). The name of the two countries is inherited from generation to generation afterwards.

A leisurely healthy hall figure

Tottori-shi Ketaka district health center "leisurely healthy hall beam" comprises various training appliances and hot spring pools in the facilities for the purpose of the making of health.
There is the available footbathing in the lawn open space in the site free.
50-22, Ketakachohamamura, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-82-3611
It is 00 00~21 pool training room 10 for an opening time
     It is 00 00~21 meeting room, healthy instruction room, cooking training room 9  
Closed day from December 31 to January 3
     HP → A leisurely healthy hall figure
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The beach of the rumble sand

Blue Tanihama and the beach of two beautiful sand bars called the Ide ka beach are in Aoya-cho, and a sound called "ku, ku" sounds when I walk on the day when I cleared.
The most of the ingredient of the sand are quartz, and, as for the condition for sand to sound, size being uniform and the best sea and sand are beautiful.
In summer, "the aoya rumble sand beach festival" that shore cleaning and youth surfing school by parent and child inside and outside the prefecture, creature shirabenadoo of the beach perform is held.

Tottori-shi aoya native district hall

It is the facility which can learn the history and culture of the native district around Aotanicho, Tottori-shi.
Commencing with the work display of the writer from native district, an attractive plan exhibition including the work representing home and abroad, a temporary exhibition is held.
In addition, the permanent construction display about [Inaba Japanese paper] [woman diver of the summer night] which is authorized in the San-in Coast Geopark [in Aoya Terachi remains] is carried out.
2990-4, Aoyachoaoya, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-85-2351
Opening time from 9:00 to 17:00 (as for the entering a building until 16:30)
Entering a building charges for free ※There may be a charge by a plan exhibition
Closed day Monday (in the case of a holiday the next day)
     The next day on the holiday
    (the day removes the case that is Saturday or a holiday on Sunday.)
     The year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 - 1/3)
     In addition, there is the temporary closure by the display permutation
HP → aoya kyodokan

Tottori-shi aoya Japanese paper studio

It is made with a lamp shade and, in the aoya Japanese paper studio, can enjoy various experiences about the Japanese paper including the papermaking experience.
I display the holding of the plan exhibition that changed a theme every season, various Japanese paper or works of art other than permanent construction display of "the aurora of the Japanese paper" which featured the theme of Japanese paper and light in the exhibit space.
313, Aoyachoyamane, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-86-6060
Until opening time from 9:00 to 17:00
Entering a building charges for free (there may be a charge by a ※ plan exhibition)
Closed day every Monday
   (when Monday is a holiday Tuesday, the following day)
    The year-end and New Year holidays

It is Terachi remains pavilion in Aoya

The brain of people in the Yayoi Period is discovered for the first time in Japan, and various tools for tool for agriculture and industry, fishery, earthenware vessels, wooden goods and documents which I excavated are displayed in Aoya that is called "a museum of Yayoi under the ground" by the remains of Terachi. 
4064, Aoyachoaoya, Tottori-shi
Telephone 0857-85-0841
Opening time from 9:00 to 17:00 (as for the entering a building until 16:30)
Closed day Monday (in the case of a holiday, Monday is opened)
     The next day on the holiday
     The year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 - 1/3)
Entering a building charges for free

kachibe Denshokan Museum

The Aoya-cho Katsube district where the making of homemade tofu was carried out with good-quality water of Fudoyama flourishingly. Of the district, in north side niarukachibe Denshokan Museum, can experience miso, konjac, the making of jam including tofu most, and the life product of the old farmhouse is displayed, too, and can experience farm village life. In Italian restaurant "passhona in the hall," I can have delicious dishes including a pizza and the pasta using local vegetables.
The firmness three waterfalls are good to the walk that there is near, too.
448, Aoyachonarutaki, Tottori-shi
Telephone           0857-87-0515
Business hours     From 8:30 to 17:00
Regular holiday        Every Monday

Big ginkgo tree of baby-sitter Shrine

The Shinto shrine which there is on the way to Aoya-cho Katsube district, an eight leaves temple (I occur) village. The ginkgo in the center is chosen as "100 selections of Tottori fragrant woods of high quality" with a thing with the height of the tree of the best class in the whole country, and the height that is going to approach to 50m is the best part. There is the vast rock face where scenery is splendid in the rear, and it is in the place of the very fantastic atmosphere.

Summer night Coast (lion rock)

There is the shore on the cape called the Nagao nose in the summer in a night. The rock to prepare this cape into is lava, and a complicated reef sharpened by angry waves of the Sea of Japan is seen and can watch beautiful rock Beach such as the lion rock of the photograph. In addition, a turban shell or a rock kid, hard-shelled mussels inhabit abundantly, and woman diver fishing comes targeting at the abundant seafood at this shore. In addition, it is famous as a famous spot of surf-fishing.